Sunday, 28 October 2012

Nights Like This - Reloaded

The nights are drawing in and its time for me to burrow deep  for long forgotten winter clothes, as they sought hibernation among archived Olympic times, summer fashions.

The nights are drawing in and the clock has fallen back into fall, as I lay in bed, trying to sniff out long forgotten mango/guava/coconut scents and indelible memories imprinted and tattooed in eyelids. Of an island so breathtakingly beautiful, that I sometimes forget to exhale.

The nights are drawing in and the mornings will be getting lighter, as I daydream about feeling free, in the lap of fluidity - nature. Where faces abound will resemble mine as if looking in a mirror. Where I can go and experience and really start living the authenticity of my revived  life among the vivid greens, the brilliant  yellows  and azure blues; coated in a technicolour array of natural living.

The nights are drawing in as I crave for the warm embrace of my spiritually ordained soul mate - my darling, wonderful, blessed loved husband - as he eagerly and patiently awaits for me on the magical, natural island, building up our fortress so our pleasurable laughter and unrelenting joy can be finally released and  reunited.

The nights are drawing in as my countdown begins.

Soon, very soon and I cannot wait.

To be continued... 

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