Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Keep on Keeping on: Consistency with Life and Blogging.

Sometimes I have to ask, or rather tell myself, to keep up the consistency of the writing on my blog. I admit, when LIFE gets in the way, then I tend to leave my blog to the resounding echoes of crickets. Sometimes this overwhelming sense of guilt comes over me, and then I suddenly get hit by a flash of inspiration, overcompensate and go into a freewrite mode; I see that I have attested to this over the last few posts on this blog, and this theme seems to be a common denominator in a lot of my writings.

Although over the last few months - heck years (hides embarassed face) - I've been inconsistent with my blog, and I think I have translated this into my own personal life. But to be honest though, this last year has been a really trying and difficult year and has tested me in all ways imaginable. In ways which have been challenging and where I thought that people who were there for me were just vague and superficial presences in my life. But there has been a couple of really amazing friends who have stuck by me, unconditionally, and they know who they are - you are going to have to read the acknowledgements in my book one day!

 And in all of this I feel that I am slowly waking up from this self induced slumber. There have been moments of consistency and shining beacons throughout this year for me - seeing my two beautiful sons and seeing what they are achieving in their worlds and their lives, and of course, my beautiful, yet simplistic marriage to my desirable Dominican husband **big cheesy smile**

So, regarding my blog. I know for me to have consistency there has to be a natural flow, a rhythm to my writing. Right now, its kind of disjointed, and I think that is a reflection of my LIFE right now. All of what I am feeling right now is just a temporary phase, so I am not alarmed about it. I feel transformation coming soon on my horizon.

I have no fears though, and feel absolutely optimistic that this is just a misaligned cog in the wheel of my life. I do see a small sliver of light, which is getting brighter and brighter for me in a good, positive way, because from next year I will be migrating my blog to an actual dotcom domain; changing my inconsistency into uninterrupted lines of creative and life consistencies.  That will be my life, and I can literally taste the change that is ahead.  And when I take on this thought, I see how my blog and its migration represents my life right now, because I am literally migrating out of my country of birth by the end of this year.

So for me, the new life of my new blog represents transformation, growth and hopefully, consistency in my blog, my writing and my overall, well, LIFE.

Soon, very soon...

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