Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Change is Gonna Come... Soon!

As I briefly peruse my blog and kick myself literally about procrastinating in my creativity, I then change my thoughts and tell myself that there have been lots of changes since my last blog entry.
So with all my pontifications and grandstanding that I have written about on my blog,  regarding my stilted creativity,I am still, in my own way, trying to remain optimistic in my uncertainties. Still trying to remain focused on my creative goals, aims and objectives.

One of these changes since my June entry is that I am now a legally married woman! Yes! You know, I have always considered myself married to the love of my life, its just that it wasn't legalised. But now it is. I am officially MRS TAIWO WILLIAMS. Yes, that felt hella (sic) good. In fact, it sounds so good, that I had to capitialise it. I think - and I am still debating - that I am going to keep my beautiful, Yoruba maiden name, as a nod to my noble Nigerian roots. But because I have such a paradox nature at times,  I may just hypen my name when I finally debut my novel.

Anyway, a change is gonna come... very soon. I am keeping it close to my chest right now. Only those who I have trusted and who I love are aware of these changes, but suffice to say, they are positive ones. With this change I am going to migrate my blog to an actual dotcom site - hopefully, by the end of this year - and have it hosted, thus, making it look professional, but most importantly, I will be writing regularly on it and giving you my updates on my wonderful changes. I still need to think of a unique name for my site, and I will be digging deeply into my proverbial hat of creativity to come up with something. One that will get me sudden surges of traffic, and also, most importantly, people reading my blog, feeling my blog, and leaving constructive and positive comments on it.

Oh, I decided to put Sam Cooke's classic video as part of this blog post. I'm aware of the historical context of the track, its that just for me, it sums up my own optimism in my current tide of pessimism.

Soon come!


  1. You have such a glorious way with words! I am waiting with inhaled breath when your novel finishes! When will you be completing it btw?

    1. Thank you very much. My novel is on 'standby' at the moment, as I am waiting for this shift in my life to be completed! When the shift happens, my novel will be worked on and finally completed:)

  2. I'm one of your anonymous contributors, simply because I don't like to put my name online.
    Anyway, first of all, congrats on your marriage. I was wondering why I hadn't seen any posts from you for a while.
    Regarding your book. Take your time; change is good and maybe it will give you further inspiration in your completion.
    Stay well and carry on writing, as you truly have a gift.

  3. Thank you for the positive comments! At the end of the day, we are all 'anonymous' behind our computer monitors/IPads, so I don't take offense for wanting to remain anonymous.
    Yes, I am taking my time for a reason. As I state in this post, I have changes that are coming up, so when I am good and ready I will be releasing my novel to the world. It may be next year. It may be two years time!
    Thanks once again for your words:)

  4. Keep on writing. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are a gift waiting to be unwrapped in terms with how you express yourself with your words. Your beautiful. I love you and I am glad to call you my wife.
    Jah Bless