Thursday, 29 December 2011

Warm Memories of Commonwealth of Dominica 2009 :An Excerpt

In 2009, I had the immense pleasure of visiting Dominica, the homeland of my darling love, Enson.
I had such a wonderful time in Dominica, and looking back on some of my writings when I was there, gives me such wonderful memories and beautiful recollections of this nature island, sandwiched delicately between Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Below is an excerpt from my first week in Dominica. I may share other excerpts in my blog.

Thursday 30th July 2009

Well, today I am writing after spending one idyllic week in Dominica. Enson, Racheal, Mario and myself are spending it in Salisbury, the village that Enson knows like a worn cardigan. Shouts of ‘Moggy’  - my King's  nickname - usually precede him everywhere he goes… it seems that he knows the entire village and they are very familiar towards him.

There are so much positive superlatives to spout about Dominica. It is a land of beauty, but abject poverty resides by the beauty. I mean that’s the reality unfortunately. However, the land and the people are extremely friendly. There are so many things to write, but permit me first to say that the sheer brilliance of the man built houses, which are literally stuck on the side of this volcanic island is a sight to see… From winding, long narrow roads, with customary potholes, large enough to accommodate a small household cat, to shacks and palatial colonial style, houses squeezed together, like rancid lemon slices, Dominica has it all.

We have washed in the pure sea – sea baths to heal our selves, redeem our souls and wash away our Eurocentric stresses. Dominica’s sea is a brilliant blue and is as clear as a freshly washed windowpane. Pebbles and the dark volcanic sand vie for attention. I must add, it’s a great exfoliater for my weary hardened European soles, and I’ve noticed that my soles, which were very dark, crusty and dry, have now started to look like a newly born baby’s bottom. Thus, to me, it’s a code, an indication telling me that I am slowly healing. I am now detoxing the dead cells that have accumulated since the year of my birth.This land has truly revitalised me. If Enson said to me that we’d be living here for good in a couple of week’s time, I would not reject the notion at all. I have fallen in love with this land. My heart and soul is of this land. I have taken on the mantle of being a Dominican by proxy.

Now off to enjoy this wonderful and brilliant sun as it deepens the melanin content of my skin!

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