Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Eyes: New Year: New Creativities: New Expressions

I realise that I have a book, in fact, several books inside of  me, waiting to verbally regurgitate all of the words that have accumulated in my mind, in my journals, where my words have gathered digital dust on my many hard drives that I have had over the many years. What has kept me procrastinating and stagnating? A four letter word which recklessly reared its ugly head countless times: FEAR. See, I have been AFRAID. I have censored, silenced and self edited my voice, until my voice just became an inner  monotone of  self speak that I always assured myself with when trying to overstand my reluctance towards writing. To be honest though, over the last few years, I haven't had the pure luxury of just sitting still and being IN WRITING, due to a thing called LIFE.. I have made excuses, relayed my thoughts, muted my voice and just 'got on with my life'. But all the time, I saw folk who were my peers - who were not necessarily better creators than me - forge ahead like runaway horses, beating their own finishing lines, and I am still standing and procrastinating at  the starting point.

Yes, its a new year, and no, this is not my new year's resolution, as resolutions are there to be severed, and to be honest, I have never really taken them seriously.. No this is my wake up call to my inner voice. My voice that has always pestered my spirit for creativity. My writing. My life. This is truly. my alarm buzzer moment when I have to write this year. Writing is my existence, my reality and ultimately, my life. Writing to me is healing and therapeutic. And I have had a few moments over the last couple of years where I need to let go. I see this as a prime point to start re-engaging with my creativity.

Now I will be looking and seeing my writing with new eyes. Revitialising my writing as new creativities and enjoying the new expressions that I feel my writing will engender for me in this new year.


  1. Please do let us see these books. I have only read your most recent blog entries and I already love the the sound and feeling, of your written word.
    When it's completed, please let me know so I may buy it and read it.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am humbled and thankful!