Monday, 13 December 2010

Political Thoughts on the Nature Island, aka Commonwealth of Dominica

"Oui Papa!" "Malaway!"

My husband is a proud Dominican. He lives for Dominica. He inhales and exhales for Dominica. His roots in so many variations are attached to Dominica. He simply loves Dominica. Period. He wants to return like tomorrow to his beloved country. Wherever he goes, I will follow. For his footsteps and mine are the same. Different shoe size, but I guess you know what I mean. I love Dominca. Its the place where my husband and I will be returning to very, very soon by the Grace of Spirit.

It's a small island, populated by approx 70,000, bordered by nature, hemmed in by verdant shades of green, tropical rainforests and stunning scenery. However, the current political climate is rotten, like the fallen mangoes found on the long and winding roads and steep precipes in the Nature Island.

The above italic words, translated in French and in creole French respectively means 'Yes Father!' and 'Poor People!' These are the words that are currently being muttered in complete frustration and weary exasperation by Dominicans - at home or abroad whenever confronted about the continual lies and all out blatant lack of transparency and governance within Dominican politics.

I am presently listening to Q95FM, which is a popular radio station in Dominica, and the voices that have been calling for Roosevelt Skerrit's resignation is getting louder and louder. The voices are rising to a cacaphony due to the allegations that he was not truthful to the citizens of Dominica about his dual citizenship of French and Dominica. Basically, to give a brief overview (click on the title of this blog for further information), according to an investigative journalist, Lennox Linton, the PM has caused a constitutional dilemma, where he had dual citizenship and only denounced it in February 2010 - he was still PM in 2009 and in fact, has been the heralded, youthful Prime Minister from 2005. Did you know that Skerrit is the youngest PM in the world? I guess that is where is lack of insight and wisdom comes from. Now, I'm not suggesting that his youth leaves him without these qualities, but surely, knowing full well what the Constitution stipulates, was he not even aware of this issue? Or was he being invincible?
According to the Dominican constitution, one is not allowed to serve two countries (and correct me if I'm wrong, this is indicative everywhere else when becoming a prime minister of a country). However, Roosevelt Skerrit was re-elected in December 2009 and stated that 'no constition, no law' can stop him from becoming a prime minister.
This is the latest controversy to stick to Roosevelt Skerrit, hence the rising chorus of getting him to resign. Check the below youtube clip regarding his illegal purchasing of villas:

Since these allegations, there has been no public statement from him. I wonder how he and his cronies will spin this ONE.

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