Thursday, 18 March 2010

Creativity... A State of Mind?

Funny enough, I received an email from a really good friend of mine this morning. As I read it, I laughed out so loud. I mean, genuinely, not the 'LOL' one usually inserts as a means of lazily expressing oneself in emails or online chats. Anyway, as usual, I digress.
My friend Ife, who is an amazing writer - just an overall amazing ball of creativity - told me in this email that she met somebody recently on the train to Manchester. I was guffawing when I read her words, because I KNOW Ife's pained expressions when folks invade her 'space'. Apparently, this brother is a poet from Nigeria and he's published. She then started to rave about me and my writings, informing him that I wrote like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Hmmmm...I love this writer and I am so greatful of Ife's comparison to my own writing, as I find it is a genuine compliment.
Funny enough, as I was through with reading Ife's hilarious words (which are like a life jacket whilst in spartan Arnhem, NL), I read my daily horoscope. The words literally leapt out at me and confronted me in my face. Let me quote the full content of my horoscope:

Hello Taiwo !
Your Sun Sign: Virgo
Date of birth: 11 September 1963
Your daily horoscope for 18 March 2010
You could write well today, whether it be fiction or journalism. There is a great possibility that you have given some thought to a literary line of work. Why do you hesitate to try? It is never too late. Certainly anyone can find the time to grab paper and pen and write a story. What are you waiting for, Taiwo? If you have this attitude in everything you do, how in the world does anything ever get done?

I mean, is the above a coincidence or is it God's way of anonymously telling me something? I think I will opt for the latter. See, I really have to yell it out there to the universe. Being creative is a talent and it is a state of mind. In my opinion, the two cannot co-exist without one another.

I have so many ideas about my words, but to be honest, I have been like a crab under a large pebble on a beach, waiting for the tide to become high so I can be swept away on my current of dreams. Sometimes, I have flowings of ideas and then I just come to large block. That's where my stagnation and procrastination comes in, enveloping me like a toxic cloud.

Why can I not recognise my talent? Is it because I have this life long mantra left over from my mama that being a writer was not tangible enough? Will this always be my mental block where I am left at the starting block, whilst other writers take a lead and run ahead in the race, leaving me behind, once again?

I have to push on with my words and I feel that this blog - regardless if it is read by one solitary person out there in cyberland or is hit on daily - is a vessel and tool of my burgeoning creativity, especially now that I have all the time in the world, between learning Dutch and just, well, being.

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