Tuesday, 26 December 2006

My Tribute to Brothas:)

I just LOVE Black men.

Hmpf! Maybe an unpopular opinion to some (I don't know why), but Black men to me, are the epitome of everything that I desire. Period.

Yeah, you have the 'dogs', the 'players' the 'liars' the 'thieves of souls', ad nauseum. However, throwing all of the above into the trash and eliminating the tiring stereotypes, you have the brothas who are not only easy on the eye (shallow I know), whose internal are pure, who are working on themselves within a society who are constantly putting them down, whose presence that when I inhale make me dizzy with desire, lust, intellectual debate and overall, LOVE.

I just LOVE Black men.

For I have the ultimate role model of a Black man. The epitome of a Black man. Who? My dear ole papa. He showed me, at a young age what and how a Black man should be; how he should act; how to treat a Black woman like a QUEEN. How to simply BE. Especially in a world that attempts to invalidate their very souls, their essence and their presence. But hold on tight brothas. I got your back, your front, your side. I've got you all from the bottom of my heart and soul.

I just LOVE Black men.

Yeah I know. There aint a lot loving me back.But what to do? Still bless them with my love, even if they are not entering into my soul realm. These are the ones who have had negative relationships with women - Black women - starting with the woman who pushed them out into the world; who gave them life. I aint too stressed with those ones.I could be simplistic here and respond to it and call it 'self hate'. Maybe it is, deep down. Only they know.
You know, the ones that when I pass their space and hang their heads down; who can't even look at me deep in the iris, when they have somebody on their arm who don't resemble their mama, their grandma, their sistas, their neices, their cousins etc. Oh. Yeah. I hear you all. The resounding echo is almost frightening! "I don't 'see' her colour!" "My lens are colour blind..." ad nauseum.
Yeah right. There are external and internal factors that your missing out; your admissions are scarey! But I'll leave it up to you to figure them out. No anger from my end. Just a brief hurt. But I've moved on. Still got love for ya, even if you don't have it for yourself.

I just LOVE Black men.

I have two beautiful sons. I was fortunate, in a time in my life, to have been in LOVE with a Black man. He gave me truth. He showed me love. He gave me two beautiful princes. He is no longer in my life on that level. We both moved on. However, he stepped up to the plate, just how my pa showed me he would. Just because we 'fell out of love' he still is in love with his sons; he's still there, an invaluable presence in their lives. Showing them how to become men in a world who unindelibly are repulsed by their gender, colour and race.

I just LOVE Black men.

Overstand that I am aware of the hatred that is thrown your way, by society and some Black women. Who then use the overused refrain that because they've done been hurt they're gonna get them a white man because 'he treats me so well'. Hmmmmm....
I'm sure there are zillions of Black women who are more into Brad and George rather than Mekhi or Isiah... Do you, but having a lack of melanin by my side is inherently wrong - IN MY OPINION.

See,when I lie down and get intimate, when I communicate on the many different levels, I want to see the melanin, feel the melanin, taste the melanin. All from a BLACK man.

Oh. I can be friends with white men. We can hang out. Laugh. Joke. Chat. Go back and forth in emails. But no exchanging of bodily fluids. No loving. No intimacy... cos I have complete LOVE for Black men. No apologies. No excuses.

I just LOVE Black men. I guess you can say I was elated when Angie Stone released her single, 'Brotha'. Hell yeah! Has since become my own personal anthem. Thanks Angie!


'My Black brotha, strong brotha

There is no one above ya

I want you to know that

I'm here for you, for ever true

Cause you're my black brotha, strong brotha...'

So, in tribute to all those Beautiful, loving and honest Black men out there:

I salute you!