Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lightbulb #2; Attempting to demystify HTML code :)

I've had this blog for quite a while now and I must admit, I have let it just stagnate, as I have been quite busy in my moving over to Holland. No, in fact, I have been lazy, let me just keep it real! lol
Nonetheless, whilst out blog observing, I have noticed that a lot of blogs have really put me to shame, simply due to my laziness. Let me explain.
I already have a slight awareness and a tiny bit of knowledge of HTML coding and how to place this on sites. I didn't attend any training for this (as for anything else computer related), I just ran with it. Sometimes, we fear our computers and are too scared to try out new stuff. But I've always grabbed the proverbial bulls by the horns and I have just gone for it. It's funny really, because I know that I am a contradiction of sorts, but I am also a work in progress.... I digress, I digress!
Anyway, accompanying all of this, I know how to put youtube videos on my page. I know how to load up exciting pictures of me (ok, I'm getting slightly ahead of myself now! lol), but you catch my drift. And yet, I have allowed my own personal blog space to self archive and limply sway in the calm, reassuring waves of complacency and procrastination- two awkward tools of my own sometimes cynical manner which I have been trying to eliminate from my spirit. Yet, they still creeps up on me like a bad nightmare.
So, after my blog observing (I'm sure that I'll be able to create a new word to be included in Websters about the science of watching blogs and their designs - just watch this space! lol) and my proverbial dragging of my dainty feet, I decided to tweak this blog and make it a bit more welcoming. Thus more followers and more flags on my location widget. Yay!
Some of the interesting features I have added is to see where folks are coming from. See, that is one of the fascinating bits of data I can collect -I feel like a trainspotter geek - to see where the visitors are literally 'reading' me. I've also added a comment box, so instead of the annoying pop ups, I get my own comment box. Another additon to my blog space is to set up followers. There is only one following me and that's ME! How sad and kind of desperate, ya think? lol Anyhow, I did this all by myself. With my own two hands. With my own intelligent mind! lol Trying to decipher the secret code of HTML and just seeing lines and lines of <<<< /// and : et al. Trying to see and understand who invented this HTML and what on earth were they thinking of? I guess it made a lot of sense, because this is the standard language now for adding images et al to websites. How cool is that? I feel great. I feel that I have achieved and yeah, I am tapping and proudly claiming/owning my inner tech geek. I guess I should've become a computer programmer, but I love talking too much, hence my profession! Yep, watch this space, because me and HTML have just become BFF!

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