Wednesday, 30 June 2010

In celebration of Caroline Wuraola Ogunnaike Life!

Another year has passed by - so quick.
Today, it's the 21st year of my mama's passing and I realise that I miss her so much, but paradoxically, my mama was (and still remains) a mystery to me.
As I get deeper in reading the Bible, I'm always looking at the scriptures which relates to how children and their parents are to be with one another. Ironically enough - and this makes perfect sense to me - I'm only beginning to see the true essence of these scriptures, in relation to my own life. I will touch on this issue another time. I just wanted to say to my mama's spirit:

I celebrate the wonderful life of my mama, Caroline Wuraola Ogunnaike, who passed to the other side on June 30th 1989.
She was a wonderful mother, who gave birth to two sets of twins (me being one of them).
Mama Ibeji, may your life, legacy and caring love that you passed on to me always shine.

Although I really didn't know you mama, I appreciate the struggles that you made for your children in the UK. I acknowledge that life was hard for you and your voice was muted.

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