Sunday, 8 April 2012

Imagining Words: Still Creating

Sometimes its very difficult for me to separate my writing and my researching. What I mean is that I tend to get sidetracked in the archives of my research, which have become very personal to me as they touch something in me that I thought that I had suppressed years ago. Once I find something fascinating about a particular piece of research which relates to my novel, I then become distracted. And when this happens, my procrastination sets in like an unwanted blemish smack bang in the middle of my forehead. Sometimes, trying to keep on top of solely my writing can be a real test for me; a challenge that I need to really tackle like a star football player doing his best to win a point for his team.

I'm not sure how I can master all of this. However, writing this specific book is in a way, cathartic to me; sometimes I fear of what I have written, then my fear transforms into self censorship, which I do not want at all. If this is the case, then I have to ask myself, what is the whole point of writing this novel? What is the point of writing in general if I am going to put a block on my creativity and my imagination?

  My words are my voice. A voice that I have suppressed like a hostage who has suddenly developed 'Stockholm syndrome'. A voice that I have always used to validate others in their creativity but not my own.  A voice that sometimes regurgitates and can't stop writing and then cancelling it out, because in the back of my mind I say to myself that I am 'not good enough'. I've thought long and hard about joining a writing course. There is a particular course that I want to join, but I'm am slightly hesitant, as I've not had great experiences before with writing classes. I became disillusioned with my writing, starting censoring myself again and basically stopped. My imagination and words became stuck in my throat and my 'voicelessness' started all over again like an unwanted mantra. But I guess now I really need to take a leap of faith and really start believing in me and start putting on my self validation armor.

 I just know that when my novel finally gets published - and who knows when, as I refuse to put a timescale on it - that the disclaimer is read by folk who will fully understand that the novel is a work of fiction and something that has sprung out of my fertile imagination. That it will not be taken personally, and see that my words are an imagination of events and that they come from my creativity which I refuse to stifle and censor.

So, I am still imagining my words and still creating a space for my words. I'm just taking the time to nurture and enjoy this time to read and research and let my imagination catch up with me.


  1. i wonder if as writers and poets we all go through these emotions...sometimes i feel alone in my searches for history and knowledge, and there are times that i am angry that I allowed my fears for so long to hold me back....wondering what all i would have know had i seeked sooner....then frustation sets in b/c i feel my seeking and reading interferes with my desire to paint or write, then vice versa : ) but there is only so much time in the i won't do anything for a while and think of what time was wasted.....and i begin to write incandescently as if words aren't enough or im afaid i won't get them all out before they are forgotten.....(smiling) I don't think i've ever actually spoken to anyone with similar emotions and that may be b/c i felt i was alone until recently reading "In Search of Our Mother's Garden" by Alice Walker and them seeing your post ...I feel we are all so emotionally and spiritually connected with magnificient gifts beyond measure! Im laughing at myself, b/c I'm writing a book on your page, but I just want you to know that you're not alone...and to never give up, b/c through all of my ups and downs....i will continue to write,even if it happens to be after a dry spell...i will write about that....but i will write!! Much Love and Perserverance to you!!! Blessings Many!!!

  2. Thanks sista for your heartfelt comments!
    Sometimes when we, as creative folk do things in isolation, our fears can sometimes hold us back. I know for myself, that insecurity and procrastination are my hurdles. These then become challenges for me and when this all happens, I become inspired, once again, to just get on with it and just... write:)