Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Living without Lack: A Healthy and Positive Choice

When I look back at my life and what I have done, all I can do is widely smile to myself, like a Cheshire cat who is enjoying their top range of milk and cream.  Time and time again, I tell myself that I am living without lack, and instead, I choose to live with joy and abundance in my life.

Yes, I have faced many challenges -  and I am still facing them - but that doesn't make me give up. Instead, it drives me fiercely towards the goals that I share with my loved ones, and thus, making me further determined to achieve and maintain these goals.

The spirit of my creativity is currently a driving force and abundant energy in my life, and as I continue - even with tough challenges - I am still on my continual marathon . I know that sometimes I may become breathless,  but this alternates with a pumping rhythm of adrenalin, pushing me ahead; forcing me towards the finishing line of my destiny, which is definitely within tangible and tenable reach.

Living without lack is a healthy and positive choice for me, which I have started to slowly integrate into my mindset and ultimately, my life.

My mask has finally unglued itself and now I am starting to show my genuine authenticity, where I can be free to be me. With this I am finding that my writing is coming from a true sense of understanding; I'm embracing my writing like a familiar piece of clothing, where my material is becoming soothing, enjoyable and starting to fit and suit me extremely well.  The lack of burden that I now write with has been inspiring, and it has given me a sense of freedom.

The fear of my words no longer hold me hostage and my procrastination with my creativity has released my imaginary insecurities. 

Now, let me go and continue to run my marathon...

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