Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Why Lauryn, Why?

What's going on with you, Ms Hill?

What happened to the sassy, gorgeous sista, whose lyrics blew all of the other members of the Fugees to Kingdom come?

What has happened to the beautiful, dark skinned, natural wearing hair sister, whose lyrics were deeper than the Atlantic Ocean? Whose natural beauty was a complete opposite to all of those other divas, who sported false horse hair and trivial, banal lyrics?

Where is the genius who was behind one of the greatest CD's in the 90's, 'The Miseducation of Ms Hill'?

Really glad that I didn't attend Lauryn's recent concert in London. I warned my friends about attending, lest they'd be disappointed - they were.
I remember attending when she came to London last time. I thought I'd be like Biggie and give her one more chance, but she cancelled that when she arrived on stage, hours late, with diva mode alert fully on.
From listening to my friends painful account of Sunday's performance, it happened again on Monday in B'Ham. It recently happened previously in CA. There seems to be an ongoing pattern. Maybe there's a method to all of this madness?
In fact, Ms Hill is putting off her true fans. Fans who wait patiently for a next masterpiece. Fans who make excuses for her negative behaviour. Fans who expect so, so much more:(

Here's the evidence regarding her recent concert:

LATEST: Former FUGEES star LAURYN HILL let down more fans in England on Monday night (09Jul07) when she showed up two hours late, 30 minutes before the venue closed. Many of her devotees, who paid upwards of $80 (GBP40), had already left the Birmingham Academy when Hill arrived onstage to boos. The singer then delivered a poor performance, which mirrored the four-song set she played at a show in Oakland, California last week (05Jul07), before walking off. Angry fans who stayed for the performance were less than satisfied. One said, "She looked wasted... It was the worst gig of my life." Another said, "She looked like a clown, singing in an incredible aggressive manner and looking as though she were absolutely wasted, her eyes rolling... It's such a shame that such a talented individual is at such a low point. It was an absolute disgrace."


Why Lauryn, why?

Come back.Filter out your internal demons. Get back out there. Nourish and nurture us with your peaceful spirituality. Bless us with your stunning presence. Hypnotise us with your wisdom. Entrance us and enhance us with your illuminating lyrics. We need you. Sick and tired of the over exposure of blond hair, horse tail weaving divas. Nauseous at the inane lyrics of the afore mentioned.I mean, whose going to remember in a few years time... no strike that, in a month's time the 'deepness' of Beyonce's 'Baby Boy' or 'Cater to U'?
Ms Hill, We need you to entertain us like before. We need you so we can shake our heads at your lyrics, smile at the memories of your voice and say... dang, let me put that track back on repeat

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